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Graf von Faber-Castell’s Viking named The Pen Of the Year 2017

By Victor Baker


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Viking pen

The newest addition to the unique line of fine writing instruments from Graf von Faber-Castell is a spectacular luxury pen called Viking, that comes with a stunning platinum-plated barrel which reminds us all of the elegant curves of the iconic Viking ships. But if you ask us, its masterful finish and incredible attention to details seem to inspire a sense of 1920s aeronautical expertise, like, for instance, the odd race of the now forgotten hydroplanes.

The era of the Vikings has long come and gone, with different opinions classifying them either as a brilliant culture or barbarians. To each his own ideas, but in the meantime the revolutionary and pioneering construction of the renowned Nordic longboats have inspired this beautiful writing instrument, that was recently named the Pen of the Year 2017.

Viking pen

The unique pen comes with an 18-carat gold nib with ruthenium plating that’s inscribed by hand, while an end-cap protects the beautiful rotary knob of the plunger mechanism. Matt-grey smoked oak, the same wood from which most Viking ships have been made, contrasts beautifully with the gleaming metal parts of the pen, turning it into a real work of art.

Graf von Faber-Castell will produce the Viking pen in a very limited edition, with only 230 fountain pens and 70 rollerball pens being up for the grabs, each of them individually numbered and coming in a brightly polished black wooden case, with a certificate bearing the signature of Count Charles von Faber-Castell. This is how you rewrite Viking history properly!

Viking pen

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