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Gorgeous Rings Featuring Aquamarine Gemstones

By Brody Patterson


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The aquamarine is a stunning gemstone whose delicate beauty can enhance any item of jewelry you make it a part of.

Similar to emerald, but less prone to inclusions and much more durable, aquamarine can be an excellent centerpiece, particularly in rings. Thanks to its brightness and pale blue color, is works very well with creative cuts, including the Asscher cut, which you usually associate with diamonds.

Like all colored stones, aquamarines look amazing when paired with white diamonds, as you can see below. The cocktail ring from the Sarah Ho collection for William & Son features an elegant combination of a faceted oval cabochon-cut aquamarine and swirls of sparkling diamonds, for a breezy, subtle effect.

More lively, color-on-color designs work just as well, like Chopard’s aquamarine ring from the Red Carpet collection. The piece (which you can also see check out in the gallery) brings together a pale blue, pear-shaped aquamarine with darker blue sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds.

Another example of this is Piaget’s cocktail ring (inspired by the Blue Lagoon cocktail), which features a branch of fire opal “grapes” draped over a 28.03ct cushion-cut aquamarine, with the deep red opals forming a daring contrast against the sky blue central stone.

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