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Gorgeous Lighting Fixtures by Axo Light: Spillray Collection

By Adrian Prisca


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We’re going to feature something utterly elegant and beautiful for your home right now. A super set of lighting fixtures has come to our attention recently. It’s called the Spillray Collection by Axo Light.  The series features crystal, orange, grey and red glass lights supported by chrome-plated metal parts.

They’re aimed towards forming chandeliers, table lamps or simple wall lights or pendants. If they’re put up side down or down side up, it’s entirely about customer’s decision and taste. Furthermore, there is a sensation that this isn’t just a set of gorgeous lighting fixtures, but an entire array of items that seem to be linked somehow.

Plus, to enhance their mobility even more, it’s up to customer’s choice if they’re to be used as delicate pieces of design or presumptuous romantic bright-red night-lamps. Being up to your wish and your imagination how to arrange these pieces inside your cozy home, note that they can be quite hard not to be noticed by guests. And that’s the idea, to let the elegance in you swirl out, in the shape of Spillray lamps.


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