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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac

Looking forward to an exquisite drink to share with your friends? We have the right item for you. Celebrating 100 years of renowned high-quality cognac making, Martell has launched a limited edition Cordon Bleu Centenary. It’s not the first time they’ve packed special editions, but this time there’s more history behind them. This special cognac comes packed in two different wrapping options.

Attending to historical matters, we need to state that Edouard Martell started his own array of distilleries back in 1912, in order to craft highest-level cognacs, his best being the Borderies eaux-de-vie. It features floral and fruity blends mixed with plum and orange subtleties.

The Cordon Bleu on the other hand features the ingredients stated earlier plus a touch of cinnamon – these being carefully prepared by master distiller Benoit Fil. In matters of packaging, the exquisite drink comes packed in a blue lacquered wooden casing, with velvet lining.

The translucent blue-colored bottle has its own spot inside the case, adjacent to an accompaniment flacon on its side. As a sign of celebration there is the number 100 printed on both the neck of the bottle and the main casing’s exterior. Furthermore, the case features sterling silver trims on the exterior plus an evident magnetite locking system. This package comes at a price of $3,828 per set.

We’ve to present the second package now, which is a bit less exquisite than the previous. The design theme and artwork have been preserves for this package as well, this one sharing a high level of elegance too. The main difference is that the bottle is transparent, to allow us to see the drink’s superb color, with a signed silver colored crown on its neck. This package is available at $1,338.

If either enthusiast or collector, go check out the nearest Asian duty-free shop. If lucky, you may find one of these on its shelves.




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