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Google Glass is finally here, looks awesome!

By Adrian Prisca


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The state of rumor for the Google Glass project has finally come to an end – the staggering gadget is here and we’re featuring it on Luxatic. Google says you’re able to get yourself until the end of 2013 if you join and win a special contest. I wonder what this is all about!

To be honest, I’m not really sure how much of this is in fact a contest. The rules for winning the Google Glass are as follows: first, one must pay $1,500 for the Glass, then travel to New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco to pick it up, as it cannot be bought via UPS. It doesn’t end here, as you’ll have to come up with the most creative and craziest idea about how you’re going to use the Glass.

And Google is also able to come to your aid with a short video dubbed “How it Feels” – as you can figure it out by yourself, the movie provides some behind-the-scenes view of the Glass. The number of possible winners hasn’t yet been chosen.

According to CNET, the Glass boasts connectivity via Bluetooth to both iPhones or Android Phones. The Glass is also able to pull data via Wi-Fi and by using the 3G /4G of the phone it is connected to. It doesn’t boast any cellular radios, though. Joshua Topolsky from The Verge had recently gone to the New York City headquarters of Google in order to try the Glass out. He describes: “The privacy issue is going to be a big hurdle for Google with Glass. Almost as big as the hurdle it has to jump over to convince normal people to wear something as alien and unfashionable as Glass seems right now.”

The bloke was presented with the chance to wear the Glass and record what was in front of him the entire time he wore them. And immediately a problem has arisen – privacy – it’s pretty much under a question mark since many people wouldn’t like someone to simply see them wearing the Glass and videotape them.

The subject was quickly turned around by Steve Lee, the product director from Google. He had reportedly discussed the advantage of being a parent at a child’s soccer game or musical, recording everything up while simply watching it in real time. A comparison followed, between a camcorder viewfinder and the Glass – the advantage is definitely on the second side.

According to Google specialists, the Glass will not act as a big impact on Google’s stock during 2013. Furthermore, the brand has also disclosed that the Glass won’t be available for worldwide purchase until 2014.

As a surprise, Forbes has come up with a list of endowments that might make the Glass V2, which has already come into discussion in the field, provided that the gadget will bear a price of around $500. Such a list includes color blindness correction, app to help those with macular disease, hearing aid app, heads up display or even corrective lenses. Way nice!

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