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Brikk’s pure gold and platinum cases for the iPhone 5

By Adrian Prisca


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It has taken a while for the creators of the most expensive iPhone case in the world to come up with an array of accessories for the superb iPhone 5, but praise the lord it hadn’t taken longer. So, the specialists at Brikk are up with a state of the art line of platinum and pure gold iPhone 5 cases called Haven.

The series comprises just three models manufactured from gold and a version crafted from platinum, destined for those with huge bank accounts. The collection is entirely manufactured by hand, by some of the most skilled artisans in the business. Of course, as these cases aren’t just made of painted metals, their color will never wear off. Guaranteed! But let’s just do a bit of a research now.

In fact, this entire collection is dedicated to those who are willing to spend quite large amounts of cash on iPhone cases. Each case of the Haven comprises 75 grams of gold, while the platinum model comes with an impressive 100 grams of pure platinum. There’s also the possibility for those in love with glamour and bling to customize their cases with all sorts of crystals or precious stones. Available at $11,610 each, the yellow gold, yellow satin gold and solid pink gold models are way cheaper than the platinum polished model, which costs a whopping $14,000.

But by far the most impressive thing related to Brikk and the Brikk Solid Gold and Platinum iPhone Cases is the fact that the proceeds will be forwarded towards beneficence, to help those suffering from hunger all over the world. For each of the sold cases a specific quantity of rice will be allocated and distributed towards those in need through carefully picked non-profit organizations in areas like Sahel or Somalia. And this is how an iPhone case can bring a bit of hope to the poor!

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