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Gold & Co unveiled the world’s first pure gold iPhone 5

Shortly after the iPhone 5 was launched by Apple, luxury brands have already started to pop out with bling versions of the brand new smartphone. Whether encrusted with precious stones, Swarovski crystals or covered in precious metals, one thing is certain – there’s already a large variety to choose from.

And Gold & Co have just thrown a bomb onto the luxury smartphones market – an iPhone 5 available in pure gold. In fact, this exquisite limited edition was announced just 3 days after the smartphone itself was launched. The first iPhone 5 offered in pure gold in the world features 24 carat pure gold and rose gold.

The luxury smartphone will be officially revealed at the largest mall in the world, at the Collector’s Palace in Dubai Mall. The two versions, the Rose Gold iPhone 5 and the 24 Carat Gold iPhone 5, provide ultimate levels of exquisiteness and technology. Each phone will reportedly be custom made, offered in luxurious handcrafted wooden cases, provided with a guaranteed certificate of authenticity and individually numbered.



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  1. Simon September 29, 2012

    Didn’t take too long lol, kinda prefer the rose gold one surprisingly


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