Gnarboards electric skateboard Trail Rider costs $6,100

One thing is sure today – technology will get us all. Even the adrenaline-rushing extreme sports won’t escape it, as Gnarboards come to prove it by launching an extremely powerful electric skateboard – the Trail Rider.

In an amazing and curious way, the board can reach 45 km/h from a standstill in a whopping 1.9 seconds, which is way faster than most of the cars on the roads today. Gnarboards have equipped this state of the art skateboard with all-terrain tires, higher ground clearance and a huge deal of power. It weighs a sturdy 39 kg, but the engines quickly eliminate the defect through strength.

The Trail Rider features 4 electric engines, each of them with an output of 850 W. In addition, the board is able to work for 26 km on a single charge, not that it would take too much to fully recharge it – a mere 2 hours. The rider can control the gadget through a double-ended wired hand trigger – for more power, he has to squeeze the power toggle in one direction, while squeezing it into the opposite direction will trigger the regenerative braking system.

For an increased stability coefficient, the board has been equipped with Ratchet-Style MBS Foot Bindings that safely keep the board attached to the standing rider’s feet. The tires will make it possible for the Trail Rider to run over all sorts of terrains, from car parks to knolls or rocky grounds.

All these high performance features come at a high price, though. The contraption can be acquired at a price of $6,100 per unit. Besides the Trail Rider, Gnarboards are also selling smaller electric boards like the Road Warrior, which can accelerate from naught to 28 mph in just 2.8 seconds, for $5,500, and the Commuter, reaching 28 mph in 3 seconds and priced at $4,800. Choose fast, ‘because the world of fun waits.