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Globe-Trotter and André – “Mr. A” Luggage Collection

Expensive journeys and cruises won’t ever go with low cost luggage or casual backpacks. Coming to match this type of travelling, Globe-Trotter have conceived the Mr. A Luggage Collection of exclusive travelling gear.

The collection boasts with a whopping total of 6 luggage pieces, ranging from a 33 inch suitcase to a 13 inch utility case. They feature the most exquisite manufacture techniques used by Globe-Trotter, supported by an expertise of more than 100 years of luxury cases manufacture.

Some of the most compelling finishes these cases have been decked with are the elegant silver rivets and buckles, alongside external and internal leather straps. The larger pieces of this superb and elegant collection feature pull-out handles, to ease the process of carrying along.

The 6 models can either be bought separate or together, as a genuine set. The Mr. A Luggage Collection is currently available for purchase, with pricing between €625 (the smallest) and €1,760 (for the largest piece).



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