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George Lee’s A Date with Wine

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New York based designer George Lee has just revealed its newest product, a cool wine stopper which was called “A Date with Wine“. He’s not actually dating the wine but this great device comes with twistable date rings which will help customers remember when they have opened their bottles of wine.

A Date with Wine” stopper was made from a food grade stainless steel and silicone in an effort to keep the design modern with a bit of an industrial look. This wine stopper will allow customers to decide whether or not their wine is still drinkable so if you’re a wine lover, you will probably love this wine stopper too.

Apart from releasing several wonderful photos with his latest creation, George Lee also made a couple of tutorials for those who want to know exactly how to use it.

[Source: DesignBoom]

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  1. Avatar photo September 1, 2010

    Its the first time when i see that, really nice.


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