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Galileo is a 360-degree rotating platform for your iPhone

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Looking for something to extend your list of things to do with your iPhone? Motrr, a company from Santa Cruz, California, has designed the Galileo – a 360-degree rotating platform which pans and tilts, allowing the owner of an iPhone to capture panoramic shots and videos and track moving objects from a distance.

The aforementioned company is well renowned for the Joby and Gorillapod tripods. Their newest creation, the Galileo, offers a wide variety of supplementary possibilities to use your phone at.

The maneuverability this device offers is stunning, allowing for a 200 degree movement to be complemented in one second while holding an iPhone, be it 3G/S, 4/S, iPod Touch or a GoPro camera, easily controlled from a remote iOS gadget. There’s also a standard tripod mount available, charging dock for any Apple gadgetry and a USB rechargeable battery.

The device comes in three color choices, green, white or black. Alongside all these, Galileo also comes with a software development kit (SDK) for app developers.

Kickstarter hosts the project at the moment, waiting for funding. A pledge of just $85 should do the trick and fetch you one the first devices to be made. Later on, the required price for such gadgets with be raised to $129,95, once the project gets running.


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