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Piaget ‘Four Seasons’ Limelight Dancing Light Watches

By Adrian Prisca


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The year comprises four seasons, each of them with its own charm and ways to have fun. Piaget wanted to offer you watches that match your favorite season of the year, through the beautiful “Four Seasons” Limelight Dancing Light Collection. The set sports 4 different timepieces, resembling all 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Taking each one separately, we can observe that the timepiece representing spring features butterflies, polished or set with gems, fluttering above a dial that contains flowers crafted from pink and green mother-of-pearl. The watch matching summer features a diamond-paved dial centre with bees surrounding it, actually floating above the sky-blue mother-of-pearl dial. In addition, poppies are spread among wheat-like decorations.

The autumn edition bears a plethora of yellow, pink and white gold, polished or set with gems, placed on top of a violet mother-of-pearl covered dial. Regarding the cold season, winter, Piaget have manufactured a timepiece that sports gold snowflakes, polished or decked with gems, that appear to be drifting above the ice-blue mother-of-pearl dial.

The Superluminova technology enhances some of the snowflakes, allowing them to glow in the night. Winter’s chill is expressed via a sparkling diamonds rain. If you’re willing to acquire one of these exquisite, one of a kind timepieces, make sure it suits your favorite season. While we’re waiting for information regarding prices, we dare you check out the photos.


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