French Riviera’s Villa Octopussy Needs No Introduction

Villa Octopussy

One of the most incredible waterfront properties on the entire French Riviera, Villa Octopussy will surely get a lot of Bond fans very excited, for more reasons than one. You see, this luxurious nine-bedroom property covers 10,763 square feet of living areas and reminds us all of the memorable floating palace from the 1983 007 film Octopussy.

Located right at the edge of the sea in Saint-Tropez, this ultra-private 1.2-acre estate can be reached by helicopter or boat, so you could always arrive in style here. Baron Fritz von Opel built this stunning villa and an adjacent boat garage back in 1956, but the entire property went through a stunning restoration and modernization process in 2015, and the good news is that it’s now on the market.

Villa Octopussy

Octopussy, an infamous international jewel smuggler, encountered Bond in her all-white villa after he snuck in through a lagoon, in a tiny submersible, disguised as a crocodile, but let’s get back to this mesmerizing property. This secret hideaway appears to be floating atop one of its two swimming pools, while the pool overflows into a network of waterfalls, streams, and koi ponds.

Exotic gardens and pine trees overlook the picturesque, presumably crocodile submarine-free Bay of Canebiers, while the interiors of this magnificent estate try to compete with its stunning surroundings. This might be the perfect residence for a Bond Villain, but it could be yours too, for an undisclosed price.

Villa Octopussy