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Scent Of The Day: Lalique Mon Premier Cristal

By Victor Baker


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Lalique Mon Premier Cristal

Lalique might be famous for its extremely limited and super expensive crystal creations, but with Mon Premier Cristal, the French company allows us to experience crystal on a daily basis, not only as a collector’s item. The brand’s fragrance division, Lalique Parfums, plans to come up with great works of olfactory art, and this time they’ve launched not one but three mesmerizing fragrances.

Already available in select stores near you, the new Lalique Mon Premier Cristal collection comprises three stunning flacons, designed with a very special concept in mind, that’s true to the origins of the company as a glass manufacturer.

Lalique Mon Premier Cristal

The three new scents the house offers are called Molten Crystal – a woody oriental composition created by perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, Sculpted Crystal – a floral chypree tease by perfumer Alexandra Monet, and Satined Crystal – a blissful floral oriental mix, courtesy of perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur. We’re sure every single lady will find a scent to meet her taste and preferences.

Lalique’s Mon Premier Cristal collection will come in three lovely crystal bottles, containing 80ml of Eau de parfum, each of them priced at a cool 650 EUR ($725).  But the house of Lalique will gladly offer 100ml recharge bottles of each scent and the refill will only set you back EUR 150 per 100 ml, which is not a bad deal, if you ask us.

Lalique Mon Premier Cristal

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