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For €13.5M, this Fabulous Villa Will Make You Move to Seville

Seville Villa

If you ever thought about moving to Spain for good, this breathtaking property from Seville should be on your wish list. Owned by Joanne Hearst Castro, the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst (the press baron who inspired main character of the iconic 1941 Hollywood production Citizen Kane), this spectacular villa is almost too good to be true.

The impressive 3,000-square-meter home before you was completed back in 1929 by Aníbal González, following traditional Sevillian architecture, and it has been restored to its original charm back in 1999 and updated to include a radiant flooring installation and many other modern amenities ever since.

Seville Villa

Featuring 15 bedrooms and 15 full bathrooms, this lavish estate also comes with 152 hectares that make it one of the most important estates in Spain. There’s also a bullring to be mentioned, with Mexican hand carved woodworks, a hermitage for religious celebrations, as well as a massive 750-square-meter leisure pavilion.

The latter is the place where future owners will get to enjoy a Mexican decorated bar, an Andalusian cellar, a lovely cinema theater, billiard area, a separate kitchen and a large swimming pool. But what might be even better is that this mansion will also come with a collection of purebred horses and two dressage rings.

For €13.5M (or around $16.1 million), you will also get all the furnishing, interior décor, horse-drawn carriages, antiques, saddlery, livestock and even a few bullfighter costumes. Since this estate is pretty huge, there’s also a team of 17 people taking care of the property right now, so you might want to consider that as well.

Seville Villa


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