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Fly to the Edge of Outer Space in the Bloon

By Brody Patterson


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If you’d like nothing more than to see the world from the edge of space, but the thought of strapping yourself to a rocket and withstanding the spine-crunching G-forces astronauts experience isn’t exactly appealing – you’re in luck! The people over at Zero2Infinity have created the Bloon, which, as its name suggests, is a pod connected to a giant balloon which can take up to four passengers on the trip of their lifetime.

The journey upwards lasts about an hour, but there’s certainly no need to rush. Bloon uses helium for lift and there aren’t any engines or dangerous substances on board, which ensures the trip is quiet, steady, and safe.

On the way up to 36 km above ground (or about 22 miles) you get what is probably the best view you could ever hope for. And while the concept of time sort of loses its conventional meaning when you’re looking down on the planet from the edge of space, you do get a whole day to enjoy this one-of-a-kind-adventure.

The Private Near-Space Flight Experience costs £380,000 (the equivalent of about $650,000), a package which includes all four places on board and is open to all ages.


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