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British Jeweler Theo Fennell Creates Unique Rings with Hidden Compartments

By Brody Patterson


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Renowned British jeweler Theo Fennell has created a new collection comprising four one-of-a-kind rings, each featuring secret compartments, inspired by the infamous 16th-century European poison rings. These items, which once concealed toxic substances, went on to become miniature treasure boxes and have now been resurrected as exquisite decorative pieces by Theo Fennell, in collaboration with sculptor Willard Wiggan.

The most expensive of the lot is the Empty Quarter ring, priced at $257,000. It boasts a three-dimensional gold desert with sand dunes and three camels, set in an ornate ring decorated with diamond flower blossoms and rose-gold salamanders. Just as impressive is the Emerald City ring, which comes with a price tag of $197,000. Inspired by The Wizard of Oz, it has an enameled yellow-brick road on the outside and conceals nearly a dozen miniature towers carved in a 13-carat Zambian emerald, as well as the inscription “there is no place like home”.

The third piece is the Chinese Secret Garden ring ($73,000), topped with bright-green tourmaline and hiding hand-painted scenes of cranes and Chinese mythological figures that symbolize health and longevity. Finally, there’s the $42,000 Hermitage ring, a tropical-themed item featuring a 64-carat aquamarine stone, which opens to reveal ruby-and-rose-gold hermit crab.

All four rings come in beautifully designed cases which follow the same theme is the item of jewelry.

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