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Finland’s Snowman World Glass Resort is a Magical Vacation Spot

Snowman World Glass Resort

Lapland, Finland is easily one of the most enchanting places in the world. After all, it’s where Santa and his deer come from, right? But in this far away cold corner of the world, there’s also a magical little place that even you could call home for a while.

Called the Snowman World Glass Resort, this luxurious retreat features igloo style huts inspired from the indigenous Sámi population that lives close to the Santa Claus village.

The beautiful glass-built huts display the true Scandinavian styling in all its splendor, surrounded by a mesmerizing winter wonderland. The glass ceiling and huge windows will bring the gorgeous Northern Lights right inside your bedroom, creating an out of this world experience.

Snowman World Glass Resort

Each of these beautiful huts comes with a mini kitchen, a living area, private outdoor spa and sauna and a top loft with a lovely ceiling window to get lost in star gazing.

This one of a kind resort will also impress you with its Ice Restaurant, which serves appetizing buffet breakfasts in the morning and delicious three course dinners in the evenings.

The price tag for a one night stay in one of those wonderfully cozy huts at the Snowman World Glass Resort is a decent enough $600.

Snowman World Glass Resort



  1. Sarah Cummings February 6, 2019

    Wow! This place is so lovely! I’m hoping I’ll be able to visit this soon with my family. 🙂


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