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Hotel Review: Gloriette Guesthouse

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With their imposing jagged peaks and thrilling vertical walls, the Dolomites are probably some of the most well known and spectacular mountains in Europe. From light hikers to seasoned climbers and other more extreme sports enthusiasts, there’s room for everyone who want to enjoy the sheer beauty of these mountains.

The Dolomites have something for everybody, from stunning scenery and amazing lakes to tough to conquer peaks. There are plenty of beautiful hiking trails with a wide range of difficulties, many climbing routes, sinuous mountain trails to bike, and lots of places to ski. For all those outdoor enthusiasts, the Dolomites feels like heaven.

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In the middle of all that beauty, there’s Bolzano, a picturesque mountain town surrounded by soaring peaks, superb valleys, pristine nature and fresh crisp mountain air. It’s considered the gateway to the Dolomites and it’s in the top of the best places to live in Italy. But our final destination was actually Soprabolzano, a charming mountain village that left us deeply amazed at the sights around.

There, in that charming tiny mountain village we got to spend our little vacation and Gloriette Guesthouse, one of the newest and most modern hotels around, was our home for a few nights.

First Impression

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Gloriette Guesthouse is one of the sweetest vacation places we’ve ever had the chance to stay at. Its location is perfect for discovering the charm and serenity of the mountains and the valleys around, away from the bustle of big cities and the demands of the modern world but still in close proximity should you need it.

The hotel’s cozy atmosphere and the general warmth of the people made us think about prolonging our stay. In the beginning, more than a century ago, Gloriette Guesthouse used to be a small summer house belonging to a noble family. Nowadays, after its restoration, the guesthouse is completely transformed.

Gloriette Guesthouse 5

The new look and renovated interiors with a total of 25 modern rooms plus a unique bistro and a superb roof spa will seduce anyone into spending more than a few days there.

The new design was made by the NOA architectural studio with inspiration drawn from the Art Nouveau style and with lots of beautiful local architectural elements decorating the main concept. The aesthetic fits in line with the stunning landscape surrounding it.


Gloriette Guesthouse 7

All 25 rooms of the guesthouse are equally nice and each faces an amazing view. Everything inside is new and fresh. Some are small, others medium sized and some large, but they’re all full of modern amenities and with a comfy and cozy design which induces you into total relaxation.

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While there, we’ve had the pleasure to stay in their wonderful Garden Suite, a 35 square meter suite with a private garden and everything we ever needed from it.

They’ve got all the modern little amenities, like high speed internet, phone and sattelite TV, a tea and coffee machine and fully stocked minibar, private shower, a make-up mirror, hairdryer and a lovely balcony with chairs to sit on and forget about time and worries for a little while.

Eating & Drinking

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There are a lot of B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast) out there, but the team from Gloriette Guesthouse came up with an original idea, adding a third B. So their offer is Bed, Breakfast and Bistro. After a good night’s sleep into one of their comfortable rooms, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the morning and spend some quality time in their bistro, which is open until 8 in the evening.

This may not sound like something very special, but you should know that their breakfast is a buffet, and never a standard one. They do their best to serve something new and different every morning and they’re always waiting for you with a smile. There’s a wide selection of choices, with fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, jams and freshly baked bread always available.

What’s more, they also offer some Franciacorta sparkling wine at breakfast, which makes things interesting.

Spa & Wellness

Gloriette Guesthouse 9

Gloriette Guesthouse is an amazing little hotel and just like every other amazing boutique hotel we’ve seen, it couldn’t have missed a spa and wellness area. Smaller than your usual world class hotel, but comfortable and deeply relaxing nonetheless.

What we loved so much about their wellness area is their pool in the sky, as they name it. The small and wonderful pool is set on the roof of the guesthouse, which makes for an amazing combination of water relaxation and gazing up at the sky and soaking up the stunning views around. It was our favorite spot.

Gloriette Guesthouse 13

You can see everything from up there, the sky, the mountains with their valleys and forests and soaring peaks, and doing it right from the pool makes it a thousand times better.

Their wellness area might not match the one of world class hotel, but it surely is comfortable and has everything you might want. Besides the amazing pool on the roof, there’s a sauna, a Turkish bath and a relaxation area, all of them with the same stunning views around. It’s simply perfect, especially after a walk on the city streets or a hike in the surrounding mountains.

Final Thoughts

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Gloriette Guesthouse is truly an amazing place, one of the best boutique hotels we’ve stayed in so far and one that we will surely come back to one day. The hotel’s location is simply perfect, in the middle of that tiny mountain village with stunning panoramic views and the staff is super kind and helpful.

We loved the decor and the design of the guesthouse, but what we loved the most was the spa and wellness area on the rooftop. It’s simply breathtaking and we couldn’t help but take advantage of it as much as possible.

Where: Gloriette Guesthouse
Via del Paese, 15, 39054 Soprabolzano BZ, Italy
Phone: +39 0471 345423

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  • The Pool. Oh my.
  • Upscale Design
  • Great Location
  • Amazing Views
  • Excellent Staff


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