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Ferrari opens The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Italy

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Ferrari opened a couple of days ago the brand new Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in the company’s birthplace, in Modena, Italy, a marvelous monument to the work of the man who shed sweat and tears to build up and maintain the name of Ferrari. The projection was initially a restoration of the house, serving his workshop and living quarters.

It was later remodeled as a futuristic automotive design museum, decked with an arched aluminum roof, painted in yellow, matching the small prancing horse. Throughout the 54,000 square foot area, visitors can check on the activities Enzo Ferrari has undergone, being a small representation of the brand’s speed, innovation, beauty, plus the passion the life story of Mr. Ferrari.

The one who took the whole project in his hands was Jan Kaplicky, but it was finished by a former colleague of his, Andrea Morgante, after the aforementioned man’s unexpected passing away.

The project had cost $23 million in total, but it’s just a mere sum of cash compared to how Enzo Ferrari influenced the worldwide automotive industry and his dedication. Modena has become quite a sought-after tourist destination recently, in part thanks to the launch of the museum.

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