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Ferrari Left its Mark On The Cockpit Office Chair

Cockpit Office Chair

Ferrari‘s 70th anniversary brought yet another premiere, with the renowned Italian supercar maker from Maranello joining forces with Poltrona Frau to design and develop a sporty office chair. Simply called Cockpit, this unique office chair is neither a car seat, nor a pure piece of furniture or design, but a contemporary hybrid that brings together two brands to allow you to experience the excitement of the driver’s seat while you’re at work.

Looking just like the seat in a Ferrari, this cool armchair has a stunning architectural and modular structure, with two versions currently on offer: President and Executive. The first one is the managerial model of this office chair, with a high backrest, while the executive approach is a little bit more versatile and adapts to all work contexts.

Cockpit Office Chair

If you take a closer look at the Cockpit office chair, you will see the similarities with the automotive world go on, with the materials used being the same as those used by Ferrari, such as the external shell molded from carbon or alutex, a central band inspired from racing, and exquisite leather upholstery.

For the latter, Ferrari’s Design Centre team has chosen several shades and finishes inspired by the automaker’s Tailor-Made service lines: Scuderia, Classica and Inedita. All you need right now is the Italian supercar to go with this awesome chair.

Cockpit Office Chair


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