Conquer The World with the Surprising Amel 50

Set to arrive this September at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the new Amel 50 is an impressive little vessel, which aims to conquer a new category of clients for the acclaimed shipyard from La Rochelle, France. We’re talking about Amel Yachts, of course, a company that imagined this 15-meter yacht concept to offer versatility, high performance and nothing but the best in terms of comforts and luxury.

This surprising 15-meter vessel promises unique experiences on the high seas, from short cruises in exotic locations to an unforgettable trip around the world, for those of you who can handle that. Benefiting from a discreet footprint and size, all harbors and marinas will become easily accessible, no matter where you are sailing to.

As you can see from the gallery below, the Amel 50 features an open cockpit, with ergonomic angles that extend to the rear end of the yacht, where its sun deck was specially designed to maximize the outdoor living space. The vessel will be able to accommodate up to six people aboard, with a luminous and refined interior, from the lovely lounge to the cabins.

Meanwhile, the Amel 50 remains true to brand-specific fundamentals, such as safety and maneuverability, thus delivering an incredible blend of evolution and timeless elegance. Setting sail is not what it used to be; it’s way more enjoyable thanks to Amel Yachts.