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Ferrari Cavallino Dock and Headphones by Logic3

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Cars and vehicles of all categories were presented in Detroit, while Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show was the place where gadgets were showcased. Here, Ferrari and Logic3 presented the result of their collaboration, a series of headphones and speaker docks that make every gadget addict drool.

Thirteen new products, included in two collections and all sharing the same theme – Ferrari caught our attention. The Ferrari Cavallino collection, inspired with the GT cars with the same name, as well as the “prancing horse”, features gadgets made of high-end materials and textures, with gorgeous looks, unique finishes and luxury.

The other collection, the Scuderia Ferrari Collection, is a monument to speed and performance of the F1 Team, with design inspired from the same domain. The headphones in the Ferrari range, Cavallino T350 and Scuderia R300, are equipped with noise cancelling technology and cost somewhere between $460 and $390.

There are also in-ear headphones. Named G150 and T150, the leather-trimmed pieces of the series cost $250/pair, while the noise-insulated Scuderia S100 and R100 cost $150 respectively $170. There are also four speaker docks available, two of them in each of the ranges.

The Cavallino GT1 Air Speaker Dock features a 2.2.1 setup, developing 250 watts of power, accompanied by digital sound processing, a remote control application, Bluetooth and AirPlay support, and costs $750. The cheapest in the series is the Scuderia FS1, a single 2.1 speaker system that develops 120 watts and supports only Bluetooth – costs $500.

They are all compatible with iPads, iPods and can work with Android and Windows-based devices through Blouetooth. The whole collection is a great asset for an interior home and will be available during April 2012, and can be pre-ordered via an online store.


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