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Shelby 50th Anniversary Edition Mustangs Unveiled

By Adrian Prisca


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Shelby American has an old and renowned tradition in tuning up muscle-cars especially and this year they’ve celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company. To mark their anniversary, they’ve released a limited 50th anniversary edition of their Shelby Mustang for the Super Snake, GT350 and GTS as well.

Carroll Shelby himself declared that few would have believed Shelby American would make it in the business for so much time, while building “the first Cobra in a rented garage and then GT350’s in an old hangar.” The GT500 Super Snake edition will be built in 100 pieces (50 black and 50 white), while making out the 300 anniversary vehicles are also the 100 GT350s and 100 GTSs.

They are festooned with gold stripes as representing the 50th anniversary, as well as 6-piston front brakes, unique wheels, car cover, unique VIN number that will have its place in the Shelby registry, custom interiors and 50th anniversary badges. The packages also feature exclusive collectors’ merchandise and a special museum delivery ceremony to be held in Las Vegas, at the Shelby factory.

Though we wish we were there, we let you bask in the pictures and check on this golden-edition ferocious muscle car.


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