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Ferrari 250 GTO valued at $31 Million Crashed In France

By Adrian Prisca


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The hearts of those who love classic Ferraris will definitely throb at this – a rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO has recently been crashed in France, maybe the world’s most expensive car crash. The car, valued at a staggering $31 million, belongs to the American businessman Christopher Cox.

He was driving the car at the time of the accident, smashing into another car last week, during a trip to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the model. He was on his way to Le Mans, among a convoy of Ferrari fans, at the time when the accident took place, in central France, on Friday, near Blois.

The accident has awarded Mr. Cox’s wife with a broken leg, while the businessman seemed to escape unharmed. The other vehicle was carrying two passengers, both of them having been taken to a nearby hospital.

The car he crashed rolled out of Ferrari’s factory during April 1962. The series featured only 39 models. The 174 mph (280 km/h) sports car, at that time, was sold for $11,000, painted in red. It was later repainted blue, with a yellow central stripe in 1963. Its first incident was a crash in 1976, but was reconditioned before Christopher Cox bought it in 2005.

The current price for the cars in this Ferrari series are exploding, a green model built for Stirling Moss was sold last month (we’ve already presented the event) for a mind-boggling $35 million – a record in automotive history.

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