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Feast Your Eyes On The Selleria Lei Bag By Fendi

By Victor Baker


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Selleria Lei Bag

Fendi has recently unleashed upon the fashion universe their new Selleria Lei bag. The latest addition to the gorgeous Fendi Selleria family, Lei is described as a quiet expression of luxury, although we think it has a lot to say.

The super cool handbag has a modern vibe, with a compact shape made out of signature Cuoio Romano leather, that is entirely hand-stitched while keeping in line with time-honored techniques. With that in mind, we all have the highest expectations from Fendi, and they never disappoint.

Selleria Lei Bag

Available in four beautiful colors, Milk white, silver, brown and black, the Fendi Selleria Lei bag is priced between $2,700 and $3,050. With hand-sewn stitches and a hot-stamped logo, this chic bag can be carried by its single handle but it also benefits from an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap.

What’s not to love about a bag handmade in Italy, with shiny Silver Selleria plaque and an engraved serial number ? Besides, let’s remember this is a Fendi product, which adds to the exclusivity from the start.

Selleria Lei Bag

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