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The WallyCento #4 Shows Off Pininfarina’s Touch

By Victor Baker


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WallyCento #4

Yacht designer Mark Mills has worked closely with Italian boat-builder Persico Marine and the famous design house Pininfarina on a new, lovely design. The 100-feet racer-cruiser WallyCento #4 is set to be delivered the next summer, and it’s the fourth superyacht in the WallyCento box-rule class.

The interiors will be designed by Pininfarina, and we all know that means no one will ever want to set foot on land again. WallyCento #4 will benefit from the latest interior design and construction methods, which aim to create the lightest possible craft.

Obviously, there will be no compromise in regards to quality and resistance, as a high-performance superyacht should show off both attributes.

WallyCento #4

Pininfarina is a name that has always been associated with masterpieces, both on land and water, oozing elegance and impressing everyone with extreme performance. This is all about a tailor-made project, as every single detail is designed with the customer’s needs in mind.

The WallyCento #4 is a new chapter in the design house’s long-lasting story. The vessel’s saloon is spacious, characterized by the aesthetically pleasing stairs and the materials used throughout include black carbon fiber and light wood, resulting in a mesmerizing contrast that evokes the sportiness of the yacht.

WallyCento #4

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