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The Megastar Class Home Planetarium Takes Over Your Home

By Victor Baker


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Megastar class

Sitting under the stars and enjoying their wonderful magic, as you ponder about their existence and purpose in the universe, sounds like a wonderful way of spending a night. But now you can experience the same majestic feelings all day long, right inside your home, with this incredible device, the Megastar class home planetarium.

This awesome Japanese product may be the next best thing, imagined by the famous planetarium designer Takayuki Ohira to bring the stars inside your room.

Megastar class

The Megastar Class is a star projection device that is able to create a 180 degree projection, and more than capable of crowding the entire night sky in your living room. It includes a diurnal motion, set to the 35th parallel north to allow users to enjoy an authentic representation of the night sky.

The Bluetooth enabled device will also show off mood lighting, which helps it accurately replicate dusk, dawn and blue skies. This unique digital toy comes in both black and white, but always attached to a US$ 18,200 price-tag. For that kind of money, it should also being you the horizon.

Megastar class


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