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Explora Rapa Nui situated on Easter Island, Chile

By Adrian Prisca


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We’ve thought of taking our exoticness index to a much higher level, so here’s the unique explora Rapa Nui, on the Easter Island. It is one of the world’s hard to reach destinations, but, on arrival, it is even more marvelous then a simple mind could ever conceive.

The resort is not that hard to reach, found just 5 minutes away from Mataveri Airport, the hardest part would be getting to the island itself. Isla de Pascua, or Rapa Nui, is 2,200 miles west of the Chilean coast, deep in the Pacific Ocean. It can be reached via a 5-hour flight from Santiago.

The resort, dubbed the Posada de Mike Rapu lodge, at Explora Rapa Nui, is quite a monumental piece. Situated atop a hill, the LEED-certified construction comprises a total of 30 luxurious suites, all of them provided with breathtaking ocean views. Elegant and environmentally friendly, the Posada includes a massage hut, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and rooms which totally lack TVs. These features provide a near-zero artificial impact on the island.

The weather is not too hot, nor is it cold. Temperate by definition, the climate is one of the factors that draw guests outside. I guess some exploration will do with this vacation, as a visit to the fabled Moai statues, crafted from carved stone, is already one of my lifetime purposes. They are extremely mysterious in both ways, as not even accomplished scientists are completely aware of their origins, nor of their purposes.

The island was first settled by the mariners of Polynesia, during the 7th century, and it is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nightly rates start at $1,120.


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