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Christian Louboutin’s Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret

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Hawaii Kawai

Spring 2016 is well on its way right now, but we all know it’s going to take some time until t-shirts and snowdrops can be spotted anywhere. Christian Louboutin is not waiting for the last minute, which is why we welcome his latest creation: the Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret.

After celebrating last year’s spring with the Python Vulcano Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret, the brand went for warmth, fantasy and spirit of 1950’s Hawaii for this new collection. Christian Louboutin’s Hawaii Kawai theme shows off a vibrant design, imaginative and filled with bright flora and fauna.

Fashion should inspire beauty, but it seems natural beauty has inspired the Parisian label’s new creation. There’s no surprise here, as this tropical theme is brought to life through all of his collections, but the Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Colour Coffret manages to stand out.

Hawaii Kawai

Available in not one, but two editions, the latest Nail Colour Coffret includes three miniature nail colors, each of them coming enclosed in a beautiful keepsake box that’s decorated with the colorful prints.

Available for $90, the Hawaii Kawai Limited Edition Nail Color Coffret 1 comes with the following shades: Very Privé – a deep wine red, Batignolles – something between a sky and turquoise blue and Miss Loubi – a deeply vibrant coral pink.

These bright hues will surely bring a little bit of warmth and joy to every woman’s fingertips this spring and let’s not forget about the second edition, which includes Bengali – a high impact hot pink, Khôl – an intense almost-black shade, as well as a sophisticated orange red Popi. Your taste, your choice, but there’s no wrong turn here.

Hawaii Kawai

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