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En & Is Gold MegaPhone iPhone/iPod Amplifier

By Adrian Prisca


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Have you ever seen MegaPhones for iPods? This is your chance! Designers Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa, the heads of En & Is designing company, have created the iPod MegaPhones, in three available paintjobs: gold finished, white or black.

They have rejected the use of electricity, these megaphones only capturing the sounds from either an iPod touch or iPhone, reverberating, amplifying and distributing them through a cone. They are made of ceramic materials on a thin wooden frame that makes the object seem to float on the table, also reducing the contact between the gadget and the support, which affects the vibrations and thus the sound quality.

The hardest to craft is by far the 24k gold one, the gold needing heating to 720 degrees C. This high temperature gives durability and perfect tightness; the ceramics and wooden parts are made in Italy. The black and white ones are simply painted. They go with iPhones 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod Touch with case, eliminating the need of headphones. A plus to this is the advantage to hear the person by the end of the line just as if he/she were near you.

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  1. not only is this the classiest iphone speaker dock, it’s the only one you don’t have to recharge or buy batteries for!

  2. En&Is you developed a jewel! I have bought one 10 days ago, and received safely at home 4 days later. Wonderful piece, well protected in a great packaging. Fantastic!

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