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Beautiful Di Donato handcrafted guitars from Italy

By Adrian Prisca


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After spending some time spent in researching the fields of guitar-crafting, brothers Di Donato, Enrico and Edoardo, have put their signatures on two particular instruments, two hand-crafted electric guitars, combining flawless engineering with a superb design.

The producers have successfully combined the use of precious wood, like mahogany and rosewood, with aluminum, combining them exactly in the right spots, with perfectly flowing curves and a unique, unseen-before style. The sounds it emits are of the same quality as the guitar itself, pure and melodic.

The sleek design of the apparatus also has a functional reason, some certain tones and frequencies get more delicate and profound, travelling through different key parts throughout the violin-board shaped instrument. As it is well known, wood helps the generation of the purest sounds, thus the wooden pieces have been precisely mounted to offer the best tones possible.

The authenticity of the sounds is pretty unmatchable by other guitars, given the fact that the instrument is fully hand-made. Fully customizable, the guitars can be made by client’s option of Spanish cedar, Madagascar rosewood, Amazon rosewood and Quaterswan maple, while the pick-ups can be single-coil or hum bucker.

Like all other high-end guitars, this one needs some particular gadgetry as well to make the most of its value, shape and materials. So are the dual JP90 Didonato pick-ups, gold and stainless steel frets, volume and tone control switches as well as ABM Headless bridge tuners.

These instruments aren’t cheap, but if you desire this level of quality, you got to pay – $5,500 each.


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