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DS2012 Headphones by Dolce & Gabbana and Grado Labs

By Adrian Prisca


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It is exceptionally tricky to combine luxurious materials with state of the art technology and still manage to extract high levels of performance from the contraption, especially when headphones come into picture. The ones we’ve featured here, the DS2012 headphones, haven’t compromised any of them.

They were created by two extremely famous brands that have united their forces for this sole purpose – Grado Labs and Dolce & Gabbana. Both backed up by huge expertise in their own fields, they have managed to develop a high quality set of headphones, entirely manufactured by hand from a special essence of mahogany wood. They boast good looks and top performance, thanks to the extensive work of both the brands.

The Brooklyn-based Grado Laboratories is considered by many as the top brand in terms of headphones performance and quality, and this is the reason by D&G have chosen to team up with them. The design of these headphones is mainly based on the reference series from Grado, but the mahogany wood brings forth an improved sound experience and way better looks. The elegance factor of the DS 2012 is also quite high, in our opinion.

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