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BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe refined by Hamann

By Adrian Prisca


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Hamann, one of the most renowned and at the same time successful automotive tuners in Germany has recently come up with a brand new tuning package for the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupé, a car much to our liking. There are reportedly no engine upgrades involved here, sadly, but they have compensated by superbly improving the car’s interior, exterior and drivetrain.

Starting with the wheels, a brand new set of monoblock Anniversary Evo Hyper Black has been fitted on the Bimmer. They measure 11J x 21 inches at the rear and 9J x 21 inches at the front, being shod in 295/25ZR21 tires at the rear and, respectively, 255/30ZR21 at the front. A suspension lowering kit now meets the car, able to lower the ride height by up to 30 mm.

The exterior of the 6-Series was fitted with new aerodynamic parts, from rear to front. The rear of the car has received a spoiler which reduces lift, redesigned bumper with built-in diffuser, four pipe mufflers and a tailgate cover. The transition between the rear and the front is made through a new set of side skirts, which nicely match the new front and rear designs.

As for the car’s front, it now features new carbon fiber hood, LED daytime running lights, redesigned grill and new bumper. In the cockpit, Hamann have covered it in new, fully custom upholstery, ranging from wood trim parts and leather to extensive loads of Alcantara. The driver is able to press his feet down on brand new aluminium pedals while also laying them on new, bespoke floor mats.

Price and availability wise, Hamann’s package for the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupé is currently covered in mystery.


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