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The Döttling Fusion Safe is an Excellent Mix of Modern and Vintage Design

By Brody Patterson


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Here’s another amazing release by acclaimed German safe manufacturer Döttling. The Döttling Fusion features the best of two of the company’s most popular safes: the luxurious Liberty and an antique 19th century unit, part of the Legend series.

We’ve actually showcased both of these safes before. The Liberty is a high-end cabinet which can be used to safely store watches, guns, and even cigars, while the second safe is known as the No. 176 and was manufactured in Marseille, France, in 1820. The Fusion is just as great looking as any of the two: rivets are attached to a cover of fine calfskin and there’s even the option of adding a skull set with Swarovski gems, which conceals the keypad used for entering code. Inside, the Legend houses six watch winders and one drawer, while the Liberty comes with eight watch winders and three drawers – so space certainly won’t be an issue. For extra safety, the Fusion can be connected to the house’s alarm system, making it an all-round great product when it comes to both function and form.

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