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The Liberty Gun Safe is also the Perfect Place for Watches and Cigars

By Brody Patterson


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Last time we’ve heard about Döttling they were restoring a 19th century antique. This time, they’ve released the Liberty gun safe, a luxurious cabinet that is also a watch winder and a humidor.

It is the first time such a combination of utilities has been created and the reasoning behind it is pretty straightforward: people who would spend money on a safe for their guns are also likely to appreciate the fine things, so they might also need somewhere to store their jewelry, watches and cigars. With its six drawers and Spanish cedar humidor, the Liberty safe is the perfect place to stash all of those items. In addition to this, the safe comes with six automatic Döttling precision watch winders.

The safe is available in both a one-door and a two-door version and is custom manufactured to the client’s desired dimensions. There’s also the option of connecting it to the home alarm, for an extra level of safety.

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