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Donna Karan Perfume Bottle Designed by Zaha Hadid

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most important accessories for both women and men is the perfume. I’m sure we all have our favorite perfumes and we’ve all seen a lot of awesome perfume bottles but Donna Karan has recently launched a perfume bottle that makes you to desperately want to squirt the magnificent essence inside.

Donna Karan has collaborated with the renowned architect Zaha Hadid to create a one of a kind perfume flask. It contains the most recent fragrance conceived by the brand, Donna Karan Woman, and features an interesting, sexy, curvy shape, just like the sensual body of a sexy woman.

The fabled brand, also winner of the reputable Pritzker Prize, shortly describes the visual details of the beautiful body shape – “the bottle’s dark, translucent qualities offer a sense of mystery that awakens our curiosity.” The bottle is a perfect gift for Hadid fans, as it is beautiful and will probably beat the benchmarks in terms of prices as well. We don’t know those numbers yet.


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