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Dominique Renaud’s DR01 Twelve First Watch Is Priceless

By Victor Baker


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DR01 Twelve First

At least, that was my first thought as I glanced upon the mesmerizing shapes and colors of this incredible watch. Dominique Renaud’s DR01 Twelve First is the watchmaker’s answer to our call for something new, and surely this complex watch fits the bill. The movement inside of the timepiece is a novelty in a world of experimental mechanical movements.

Featuring what the company has called “Experimental Rotary Escapement” the mechanism inside the Dominique Renaud DR01 Twelve First is so intricate that not even the official images, documents, and diagrams can explain it to the fullest. This, along with the fact that the watch is part of a super limited-edition series of just 12 units, should explain the mind boggling price tag of 1,000,000 Swiss francs.

The Dominique Renaud DR01 Twelve First watch will be fully customized upon the customer’s desire, which is to be expected from such a well-known craftsman. And if you were expecting to hear a couple of details about the case size or materials involved in the building process, I’m sorry to say that the company was anything but transparent on that; we don’t even know what this innovative movement fully does.

DR01 Twelve First

However, Dominuque Renaud’s credentials are beyond reproach; he is one of the most intelligent “watchmaker engineers” nowadays. The Dominuque Renaud DR01 Twelve First watch does come with traditional shock protection systems, although dropping one of these jewels is not to be desired.

The watch’s movement operates at a frequency of 36,000 bph (5Hz), and the power reserve is supposedly around two weeks – a theoretical appreciation. The shape and size of the design weren’t the best of choices, with the overall look being similar to a miniaturized clock movement.

The Dominique Renaud DR01 Twelve First also features a sapphire crystal cylinder tube, which sits atop another sapphire crystal tube, allowing the intricate mechanics to be always on display. This is a rare treat, that’s for sure!

DR01 Twelve First


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