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Discover Turkey’s Sheer Beauty from the Lovely Maçakizi Hotel

By Victor Baker


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From Istanbul to Cappadocia, Bodrum or Ankara, Turkey is filled with so many incredible sights, just waiting to be discovered, but if you really want to experience the country’s sheer beauty, the unique Maçakızı hotel might just be the perfect place.

This five-star gem can be found just a few kilometres north of Bodrum, in a place where world class service and wonderful amenities are beautifully complemented by a unique setting and magical views of the Aegean sea. The small town of Türkbükü is the name to keep in mind, as this is where the hotel’s 54 gorgeous rooms and 20 suites will away for you, with artworks signed by Turkish artist Suat Akdemir.

Depending on your choice, you will be enjoying gorgeous garden views, views of the Aegean or understated luxury and extreme privacy. Either way, relaxing nights and magnificent mornings complemented by the sea breeze and olive trees are all part of the experience.


As guests linger over dinner, drinks, and dessert, laughter leaves music in the air, and all is instantly well in the world. Feel free to turn your room into a spa and order a facial treatment or a special body massage; or, if you’re the active type, you could always go for Maçakızı’s fully equipped fitness center, or try out outdoor pilates and yoga.

Later on, everyone should relax at the spa, where a sauna and steam room are all set to make your evening worthwhile. Known for its culinary delights, Maçakızı might not be the best place to follow your diet, but I guess we all need a few cheat days now and then, right?


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