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Dior A Versailles Is A Dream Come True

Dior A Versailles

Famous for its unique architecture, opulent decorations and amazing atmosphere, the Palace of Versailles is a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy in the Ancien Régime, and a true icon of luxury and French lifestyle.

This famous palace has been a source of inspiration for centuries, and Dior’s latest high jewelry collection, imagined by the renowned jewelry designer Victoire de Castellane, invites us to appreciate graphic and ornamental details from this extraordinary landmark in the form of exquisite jewelry pieces.

For instance, a crystal tassel from a chandelier and a curtain tieback in the royal apartments were transformed into stunning accessories in white and pink gold, featuring diamonds, sapphires and pink sapphires.

Dior A Versailles

The collection, called Dior A Versailles, also includes a ‘Salon d’Apollon’ brooch, which was inspired by the baroque interior of the Salon d’Apollon, one of the most sumptuous rooms in Versailles. That’s why it benefits from 18th-century jewelry making techniques that allow the diamonds to appear as if they were suspended in midair.

It seems the designer imagined Versailles by night, with its chandeliers reflecting candlelight, and the diamonds from these pieces now have to transpose this visual effect within the collection. Since any of the elements from the Hall of Mirrors, Queen’s bedchamber or the Chambre du Roi can become haute joaillerie items, Dior has quite the challenge ahead of itself, while we wait for the mesmerizing results.

Dior A Versailles


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