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Diamond Atelier Work Their Magic On The Ducati Scrambler DA#11

Ducati Scrambler DA#1

If you’ve always dreamed about riding a one-of-a-kind motorcycle into the sunset, there’s no company better to help you than Diamond Atelier. The German bike shop is well known for crafting custom bikes, with an evolutionary style that could easily resonate anywhere in the world, just like this beautiful Ducati Scrambler DA#11 .

Working on a 2016 Ducati Scrambler 800, the brilliant team from Diamond Atelier wanted to come up with a custom bike that looked like it came straight from Ducati’s production line, with a few extras, of course. I don’t work at Ducati, but I think even the Italians would agree this bike looks really awesome.

Ducati Scrambler DA#1

The Munich-based workshop started working on this bike by adding a single-sided swingarm from a Monster 1100 Evo to the Scrambler frame; they also fabricated a shock mount to support a custom-built Wilbers unit. The project got even crazier, with Multistrada front fork legs, a new rear brake from Brembo, as well as a Panigale wheel up front and a Monster Evo at the rear wrapped in Metzeler rubber.

Did they had enough? No, they didn’t, with the team ending up by fitting this bike with a Motogadget speedometer and a re-fabricated tank, plus a hand-rolled front fender, Kellermann signals and a retro-looking front headlight. This is one street-legal beauty, and anyone would be crazy not to daydream about it.

Ducati Scrambler DA#1


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