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Bombardier Takes Over The Skies With Two New Business Jets

Bombardier business jets

Yes, Bombardier is adding yet again to its impressive line-up of business jets and we’re all excited! Two new long-range models are ready to be added to the company’s business fleet, while the Global 7000 has been renamed and received a decent range increase as well. The Global 5500 and Global 6500 are new and improved versions of the Global 5000 and Global 6000 jets, offering a bigger range and improved fuel efficiency. Good news, right?

What that actually means is this: the 5500 could fly for as far as 6,560 miles, while the 6500 could go for 7,595 miles. That’s 575 miles and  690 miles better than their predecessors, while promising a 13 percent better fuel efficiency. For instance, the Global 5500 will be able to fly nonstop from São Paulo in Brazil, to Paris, while the 6500 will connect Hong Kong or Singapore to London in one incredible flight.

Bombardier business jets

With a breathtaking top speed of 594 mph (Mach 0.90), these Bombardier jets will feel incredible, combining a smooth ride with agility and amazing features inside the cabin. By the end of 2019, they should be ready for service, with the 5500 set to be priced at $46 million and the 6500 going for $56 million.

Meanwhile, the $72.8 million Global 7000 has been renamed the Global 7500, to keep in line with the range increase. It’s projected range went from 8,516 miles to 8,861 miles, which is a record-breaking number for a business jet. That means the 7500 will be able to fly nonstop from New York to Hong Kong or from Singapore to San Francisco at a maximum cruising speed of 610 mph (Mach 0.925).

Will it justify the $72.8-million price tag? Probably yes, especially when you add in the fact that the cloud-like Nuage seat will launch with the Global 7500, and you could enjoy it by the end of the year. Actually, the 5500 and 6500 will be also furnished with the new Nuage seats, which means we’re all in for a treat.

Bombardier business jets


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