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Designer Yves Behar Plans to Revolutionize Home Fitness With ‘Forme’

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Since millions of people can’t go to their favorite gyms or fitness clubs right now, everyone is looking for different ways to stay active at home. Obviously, the first products that come to mind are weights, resistance bands, treadmills or exercise bikes, but there are other alternatives that might be even more interesting.

The renowned Swiss designer Yves Behar has recently unveiled ‘Forme‘ – a smart mirror that not only acts as a super cool addition to your home, but also helps you stay in shape. Yes, that’s right! This mirror is actually a smart weight trainer that looks like the love child of Mirror and Tonal.

Designed together with entrepreneur Trent Ward, Forme might be the future of home fitness. It’s an all-in-one home fitness system that can display screenings of any fitness classes you want and it’s equipped with speakers, a microphone and even a camera. But how exactly will it help you burn some calories? I’m glad you asked.

This smart mirror can store high-tech resistance training gear right within its structure. It comes with pullies and high quality cast aluminum arms that can be adjusted as you wish, for different type of exercises. You can also get a yoga mat, sit down, and follow your favorite trainers.

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But this device also aims to create an immersive fitness experience, collecting data from your past workouts to offer you personalized recommendations on the correct weights, the ideal amount of activity and the best exercises for your age and weight. The workouts could be filmed in a way that will make the users feel like they’re in the same room as their trainer.

With Covid-19, the popularity of home fitness has grown exponentially and we’re pretty sure everyone would love to have this smart fitness system in their homes. It was already hard to go the gym every day and Forme tackles that problem in an innovative way. The smart mirror can be either wall-mounted or kept free-standing to suit any part of your house. It’s not too expensive either.

FORME‘s Full Studio package costs $110/month for 39 months, the Screen-Only version will set you back $58/month for 39 months, and the content membership (with unlimited users per studio) is another $39/month. The first deliveries are scheduled for September this year.

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