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David Adjaye’s MA770 Wireless Speaker for Master & Dynamic

By Victor Baker


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The world’s most influential architect right now, Sir David Adjaye, is responsible for this eye catching wireless speaker called MA770. Designed for the New York-based audio brand Master & Dynamic, this innovative unit aims to redefine home speakers, with a unique shape and nothing but premium materials helping to reflect the sensory-focused craftsmanship which will please your eardrums.

The bold design of this wireless speaker benefits from a distinct geometric form, that’s complemented by concrete composite – that’s why this speaker brags about increased dampening, reduced resonance, and a crystal clear sound. According to Master & Dynamic, vibrations will not impede users from enjoying their favorite songs at maximum volume.


The MA770 also comprises dual 4″ woven kevlar long throw woofers, a 1.5″ titanium tweeter, and cool diamond-cut anodized aluminum controls. That type of technical language might be clearer to some, but the rest of us must understand that these speakers were designed for show, both aesthetically and technically.

The magnetically attached steel grille can be instantly removed, although we find it well-placed there. Please note that the wireless speaker is powered by 100 watts of class D amplification and it’s associated by a $1,800 price-tag. Feel free to purchase yours starting April 25th – pre-order services are also available as we speak.


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