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Dartz’s New MOJO and JO-MOJO cars

By Adrian Prisca


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Already having produced the Prombron armored SUV, the Lithuanian car manufacturer Dartz is focusing on creating two two-seater supercars. With their unique style and design, the company was founded by Leonard Yankelovich, a visionary in car industry and a mind that doesn’t relate to today’s standards.

Only the current photos are available, yet, the names of these cars, the MOJO and the JO-MOJO, put Dartz in the incriminated chair. Some cool innovations are the glass roof top that slides backwards to provide access inside the car, replacing the usual doors, and the design, which is everything but not related to any car-model so far.

The 2 cars will have different power-sources. The MOJO will have a gasoline engine that is sure to deliver high performance, while the JO-MOJO is going to be an electric version, combining solar power with batteries. Though no more details have been pointed out, Dartz officials say that the cars will be present in 2012, at the Top Marques Monaco Show.


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