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Buben & Zorweg Titan Watch Safe

By Adrian Prisca


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Being more than a perfect decoration for any household, the Titan watch safe, produced by Buben & Zorweg, is one of the few products in its genre whose security features match up the VDS IV European Standards. It’s meant to keep your priceless possessions safe, with the help of modern technology.

Tobacco products or jewelry can be held on top of the safe, in specially humidified compartments. Between these lies a MP3 player socket and charging port. A large handle covers the secret control panel, the particular entry into the safe, providing 2 main compartments with an in-built capacity of 36 watches. The lighting system is masterfully set, changing its intensity depending on usage. It also comprises an alarm system that alerts in case of any breaking-in.

There’s already one piece of these placed in the LES Ambassadeurs, in Geneva, for the guests. It’s a fully customizable product; the standard comprises a high gloss patterned finish, enhancing the elegance of the product. The purpose of each compartment isn’t standard set – anyone can deposit whatever they want in it.

[Buben & Zorweg via BornRich]

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