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CoverEFX MINI Cooper gets the Louis Vuitton look

By Adrian Prisca


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CoverEFX MINI Cooper

The German tuners from CoverEFX wanted to turn a regular MINI Cooper from ordinary to extraordinary and they refined the car with a classic Louis Vuitton-inspired look by combining black leather with gold metallic accents to give this MINI an eye catching makeover.

The dark leather has thousands of small gold specimens glued individually by hand to resemble the signature Louis Vuitton feel with the foil embossing technique. The MINI Cooper also received a new set of stylish OZ LM wheels finished in matte black with mate gold metallic to match the body’s color theme that are wrapped in brand new tires.

There are no details at the moment if the car went through the same changes inside but we can all admit that this tuning program will make the MINI stand out even more than some of the world’s most exciting supercars. The price wasn’t announced either at the moment, but more details will be probably released in the next weeks.


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