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Continental Mobiles’ Adamas and Aurora Collections

By Brian Pho


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You’ve probably stumbled upon a load of blinged up iPhone 5’s if you browsed a bit through our posts and here’s another. From gemmed up phones to gold-covered ones, here are two collections of iPhones superbly bejeweled by the UK-based design brand Continental Mobiles. The so called Adamas and Aurora collections comprise gorgeously embellished iPhone 5s with all sorts of diamonds and gems, throughout their entirety.

The Adamas handset is a limited edition of 10 gadgets available throughout the world. The phones of this collection are hand-encrusted in gold and covered in VS1 diamonds . Mind you, we haven’t been able to find one spot to have not been encrusted with gems. The diamonds can be found even on the buttons and the logo. It is exclusive, it’s easy to realise this, therefore Continental folk decided to make it available in a wooden box and delivered to the future customers in an armored security vehicle. I hope its selling price of around $56,000 covers the gasoline cost for the armored 4-wheeler.

Alongside the Adamas Continental brings forth the Aurora, festooned in the same humongous number and quantity of gems, but this time in all sorts of colors and reflections. This is in fact the most expensive set throughout the collections signed Continental. Limited edition of just 10 units, the Aurora iPhone 5 can be yours at a mind-boggling $106,000.

The Adamas and Aurora Collections courtesy of Continental are purchasable via the brand’s boutiques worldwide, including London’s Harrods and Frost, or from the brand’s website.


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