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Constantia Is A $4M Gem From Cape Town, South Africa

By Victor Baker


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Known by the name of Constantia, this stunning property, located in an exclusive area of Cape Town, South Africa, has been recently listed for sale at just a little over $4 million.

Offering 2,000 square meters of wonderful amenities and living areas, including 5 magnificent bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this luxurious residence looks more like a place where princesses or royalties attend weddings or high-society events than something you might call ‘home’.

Come to think of it, this is the kind of place you’d expect some of the world’s richest people to kick back and enjoy the good life.


Constantia is definitely something you’d call a palatial home, considering it offers exceptional living areas, and it looks absolutely breathtaking inside-out. The future owners of this superb property will have the opportunity to entertain their guests in grand style, inviting their friends or family to enjoy the newest Hollywood productions in a 15-seater Cinema or chill out in the expansive entertainment room that’s complemented by a lovely pool terrace.

From the 5 bedrooms, there are 4 luxurious en-suite bedrooms, with their own lounge areas, dressing rooms and balconies from where you could drool over the stunning manicured gardens below, and a separate guest suite downstairs, and a self-contained garden cottage that totally deserves to mentioned here. Do you like what you see?



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