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Combat the Winter Blues by Redecorating Your Home


Redecorate Your Home 1

As a topic that comes up nearly every year, redecorating your home to beat the proverbial winter blues can be a comforting undertaking that sees you through to warmer weather. As we find ourselves firmly settled into winter, where the days are short and often dark and gloomy, staying in is the new going out. Considering how much time you’ll be spending in your home, now is the perfect time to consider giving your space a refresh with some re-decorating.

Here are four home décor ideas to help you beat the winter blues this season.

Opt for Hot Hues

Redecorate Your Home 4

Take stock of the communal spaces in your home where you spend the most time: namely your living room and kitchen. Consider the paint color on the walls and the color of the furniture and accent pieces. If you feel your wall color needs some sprucing up, and you’re in the mood for a larger undertaking, consider refreshing your space with a lick of paint in a neutral hue with warm undertones.

Color psychology suggests that the majority of people find happiness and cheerfulness in yellows, brighter shades of blue and green, and orange and red. If painting isn’t an option, consider applying this color psychology to your home furnishings and décor. If you’re in the market for a new living room set, consider pieces in lighter, neutral fabrics, assuming this suits your lifestyle. Otherwise, opt for decorative elements such as: window coverings, accent pillows, throw blankets and rugs, amongst other pieces in warm hues.

Go for Green

Redecorate Your Home 5

Even if your trees, shrubs and other foliage remain bare, there are still plenty of ways for you to inject some leafy greenery into your indoor space. If you’re already a plant aficionado, fill your space with your favorite flora, paying attention to your bedroom and communal spaces. If you aren’t blessed with the greenest of thumbs, start out with some easy-to-care-for houseplants to get you into the groove without worrying about keeping your new plant babies alives.

Plants add both color and vibrancy to any room, and can also help to boost moods and reduce anxiety. Ensure you pick up a few stylish planters and pots to complement your newest décor additions, or opt for faux plants to achieve the same aesthetic without worrying about maintenance.

Let There Be Light

Redecorate Your Home 3

Undoubtedly, fewer hours of daylight and perpetually grey, cloudy skies are significant factors contributing to the winter blues. To mitigate these effects within your home, opt for LED light bulbs in soft white, which will brighten your rooms without making them look stark. LEDs have the added benefits of being gentler on the environment and your utility bill.

To leverage the little natural light your home does get in the winter, ensure your décor works for you. Opt for sheer curtains that won’t block the light, as well as stylish pullbacks. When installing a curtain rod or brackets, make sure to position them slightly outside the window frame, so that when the curtains are pulled open, they won’t block the sides of the window.

You may also consider including a number of reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or lacquered table tops (on a console table, dining table, or vanity) that can reflect the light.

Add Pops of Color

Redecorate Your Home 2

While we may naturally associate winter with darker hues, sprinkling bursts of color throughout your space can dramatically help improve the overall mood of your home. Introduce fun pops of color to your smaller home furnishings to brighten your space and add an element of playfulness.

This colorful principle can apply to throw pillows and pillow cases, dish towels, wall art and décor, picture frames, candles, and area rugs. Many of these items can also be switched out seasonally or whenever you’re craving a slight change in scenery.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this season. By making a few simple adjustments to your home’s décor, you can easily cultivate a space that inspires a sense of positivity and tranquility, as you patiently await the arrival of warmer weather.


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